This project has a special place in my heart. Ursula the Dancing Orc originated as a clay character. I made up a simple story about a female orc who wanted to dance while everyone told her she couldn't. She tried and tried and not even the best dancing teacher could teach her how to dance.
But at the end, after all the failed attemps to learn... She just started doing some moves. It didn't look good, it wasn't rhythmical, but it was something. She danced. Her story resembled my efforts in real life. Her clay model couldn't stand up straight, her arm was falling off all the time and a lot of other things went wrong. But when I was about to give up, because I was so stressed out, I made her dance. It was nowhere near a perfect animation. My hand had to be constantly in the picture because Ursula would fall down otherwise. But I still did it. Everything went wrong, but I made Ursula's dream come true. Being able to dance.
These are some early sketches of Ursula in different styles
This was the result of my efforts: Ursula's Dance.
Later that year, we had to recreate our clay character in Adobe Illustrator. I then asked my teacher if I could animate her. He said "Sure, if you know how to do that, I'll give you a 10!", (which is equivalent to an A in English grades). As I had done it before, I made this short animation in Adobe After Effects. My teacher kept his promise and that was the first 10 I ever received after middle school. I'm very proud of Ursula and am thankful for the memories she gave me.
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