A remake of a picture I drew a long while ago in MS Paint. It's inspired by a story about a dog who was waiting everyday for his owner to get off the train, even after he died. You can find the original drawing video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je619i84A1A

A picture of a Guitar Hero Live controller I took with a poem I wrote, inspired by the label "Hero Power" on the big button. It's in A3 format, with the intention to fold it in half, as if it could fit inside a magazine.

I took a lot of pictures with a remote in my sleeve and edited them together to create a moshpit with only one person in it.

An intense stare covered with the first chapter of the book Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. The bottom part of the picture is a blue color, like her dress and the top part is blonde, like her hair.

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