It all started with this sketch of some sort of ant. I drew a handkerchief around his neck and later thought it was a good idea for a storyline.

I imagined the handkerchief to be a gum wrapper that the "token-ant" received from a very large, but friendly sow bug called Peter Pissebed (pissebed is Dutch for sow bug).

Gompie's parents are the king and queen of the token-ant city. He has 100 brothers and sisters, he was the 101st one, which meant that his parents didn't have a high class token for him to get his name from. His parents don't accept Gompie because a gum wrapper (which is seen as trash) is something that is worn by the poor.

(I tried to make a more detailed version, but after losing the source files, I found out that I messed up the layer order)

At first, I called the token-ant "Gummie" because of his gum wrapper, but then the teacher told me that gummie means condom in German, so I changed the name to the safer "Gompie".

At one point, I changed his color from green to yellow, which is my favourite color and seemed to fit more with the red wrapper.

I redesigned Gompie to be easier to animate, but because his neck was quite short, I tied the wrapper around his head.

I gave him a bit more flat shading, removed his knee and elbow caps and gave his neck the same color as his arms and legs.

I also tried some different emotions, to see how that would look.

A front view of the most recent redesign, which I'll be using as a reference for making a 3D modeled version of Gompie.

And finally, this is a 3d model of Gompie's Torso.

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