Before I started studying Animation & Audiovisual Design, I made a short funny video about me being home alone for a few days, what would happen. It was the first video that I wrote a script for, though it was more a guideline than a script as I improvised a lot of the dialogue anyways. I was extremely proud of it.
In my first year of studying Animation & Audiovisual Design, I got the assignment to make a short animation, not longer than 1 minute, in Adobe Animate using as many animation styles as possible. I decided to recreate the first day of the five days alone, but as an animation.
In my second year, we got to choose between two project classes: Animation or Audio/Visual. I picked Animation, of course. We had to develop an animated short around an original character that we had to design from scratch. I designed Gompie the Ant, who wanted to become an artist and create art from trash.
Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the animation about Gompie. I didn't like where I went with the story and every aspect just didn't feel right. I didn't feel as enthusiastic as before, so I knew I had to do something else.
I was browsing through my old work and suddenly I found that unfinished animated remake of 5 Days Alone. I decided right away that I wanted to finish the 5 Days Alone animation instead of Gompie the Ant. I got permission to do so, but only if I did everything required by the assignment. Luckily, I had.
Here is the final product (with Dutch and English subtitles that I've added as well)
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